Outstaffing — a conclusion of the employee for staff of the company-customer and its registration in company-provider staff, thus it continues to work on a former place and to carry out the former duties, but duties of the employer in relation to it are carried out already by the company-provider.

The given service if your company can't issue the personnel to itself in staff because of will be interesting to you:

  • Staff restrictions
  • Unwillingness to take labor risks
  • Decrease in administrative expenses
  • Trial period prolongation
  • Absence of regional offices

If your company has the limited quantity of established posts, but thus work volume increases, the right decision – Outstaffing of the personnel, transfer of your employees in staff of the provider.

AMPLUA makes out the employees of the Client who has been picked up by the Client or other provider, in the staff on urgent labor contracts, thereby, becoming the official Employer.

In a zone of responsibility of AMPLUA as the provider calculation and payment of a salary taking into account regional коэффицентов, deduction of necessary taxes, administration of the personnel and observance completely КЗОТ the Russian Federation enters.

Service of Autstaffing of the personnel / a personnel Conclusion for staff gives possibility:

  • To reduce the budget to conducting personnel office-work
  • To transfer not profile function to the intermediary
  • Formally to reduce number of regular employees without loss of qualified personnel
  • To accept at requirement occurrence, for work demanded quantity of employees without dependence from restrictions on number of the personnel
  • To employ workers in region without representation or branch opening